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Honeymoon Registry Wording


Have you got the perfect honeymoon planned and would like some cash gifts from your wedding registry to fund your special trip? Well, sounds like you need some honeymoon registry wording so that you can drop the hint to your guests. These examples have been known to work like a charm. We hope that you […]

Wishing Well Wording


Some tasteful wishing well wording can go a long way and make guests feel comfortable in giving gifts of money or vouchers. If you are stuck for words and not sure how to phrase your wishing well wording, then  look no further. Today wishing well poems have become a popular way to ask for money instead of […]

Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette


Wedding Gift Registry Tips / Etiquette Every single visitor gets a ‘thank you card’ for coming regardless of whether they have brought a gift. Ideally ‘thank you cards’ are sent within two weeks after the bridal gift shower. Sender them later is okay, ‘better late than never!’. Mail the ‘thank you cards’ in the mail, […]

Bridal Registry Wording (Money Poems)


Bridal registry wording in regards to a monetary gift can be tricky. What do you do when the bride and groom have everything they need for their home? What about an international wedding where guests are travelling to meet you? Bulky; large gifts are inappropriate. If a bridal couple finds that a monetary contribution would be […]

Gift Registry Wording Samples


Stuck for words? We have compiled the largest list of gift registry wording samples on the internet. Choose one that matches your wedding theme or registry type. Writing poems has become a popular way of requesting gifts at a wedding, its a subtle way of making the request. Poem Image Download

Gift Registry Wording


The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. The gift registry wording should be compelling and concise. Tact is crucial-which is why we’ve consulted the experts and come up with these wording examples. Firstly lets understand why this wording is important and how it relates to gift giving. A gift or a present is the transfer of […]

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